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Project Based Industrial Training (Final Year Projects) As part of the final year, and in partial fulfillment of graduation requirements, undergraduate students need to carry out a final-year project (FYP).
The FYP is a substantial piece of work that will require creative activity and original thinking.
A good FYP starts with the formulation of a problem, suggests alternative solutions, and then implements one of them.
Allow students to demonstrate a wide range of the skills learned at the FEA during their course of study by asking them to deliver a product that has passed through the design, analysis, testing, and evaluation stages.
Why Should I Undergo Internship? "Internships are a proven way to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field." An internship is ultimately designed to get the student a job offer. However, before you get an offer, students must go through the process of applying for and working with companies that offer internships.
This can be a multi-year process from the time you enter college all the way through your senior year. This process can and does lead to valuable experience that students want and need. If you perform well in your internships as a student, the company may end up offering you a full time job when you graduate.

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