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Customized CRM

Initiator Technologies experience building CRM software, we understand all businesses are unique in the way they work. With that in mind, we built Initiator Technologies to be highly customizable and easily adaptable to change. OnContact provides tools to make common changes to the application simple, like adding new fields, extending the database, altering the user interface, or adding business logic. All of this power and no need to worry about upgrading to new versions.

build-your-own CRM solution

Initiator Technologies CRM software fields, screens and tabs can easily be added, changed, or removed to suit the needs of your implementation. Our CRM application designer makes it easy to change the UI by simply dragging and dropping fields wherever you want them. Using our CRM customization tools, you can quickly build a CRM solution that fits your unique needs and system requirements.

Unlimited Support & Training

We want you to succeed. That’s why we include unlimited phone, email and chat support in our on-premise and hosted CRM plans. Plus you’ll get access to free online CRM training.

we are committed to helping you get the most out of our CRM software. Unlike our competitors, we don’t boast about having millions of users. Instead, we focus our resources on getting to know each customer’s unique needs and requirements. That means you can count on us to help you every step of the way – from implementation and integration to software training and support.

When you contact our support center, you’ll always deal with an efficient and friendly expert who knows our software inside and out. And over 90% of the time you’ll deal with the same support rep from start to finish.

We Provide built-in data tools

Every business has unique data elements that are particular to the way it operates. Extending your database is often necessary and should not be limited to a finite set of user defined fields. OnContact includes built-in tools that allow you to extend your database by adding new tables and columns.

We CRM maintains a structure for storing data that defines UI controls, searches, and other areas of the application. Users can build or alter these controls and save changes for future use. This allows each user to customize our software to suit his or her unique preferences, without having to get a system administrator involved. Leaving administrators more time to focus on other software solutions.

Why Choose Us?


Our developers are versed with PHP (LAMP), MySQL, Apache & Linux. This allows us to offer the best solutions and ensure maximum contentment for our customers.


We render the best web development services at affordable pricing. Our solutions provide performance guarantee by following specified needs of the clients.


We enable our customers to take advantage of all benefits. Our developers ensure fast data processing & compatibility with diverse OS by developing a website.